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Episode 47 featuring Nikki Storm

Welcome to The Milo Beasley Show Blog! This week we discuss episode 47 with Nikki Storm!

This week we were able to catch Nikki outside the referee's convention held JUUUUUUUUST outside the Slammin' Ladies "Slam Shack". Or, she was set to referee a match in just a few minutes. One or the other.

Nikki is one of my favorite people, and I am always excited when she gets the chance to come to Florida. She's been able to come to Shine for the past couple years, and she's a blast to have around.

Last year, she came down in October and got to spend some time with her and other members of the Slammin' Ladies family at Howl O Scream at Busch Gardens. Little known fact: Nikki MIGHT be a runner!

That just reminds me! This is Nikki's SECOND time on The Milo Beasley Show! Her first time was part of the ensamble cast of episode 20, in which we filmed at Howl O Scream. Check it out HERE!

The episode also features Evie, Kellie Skater, Rhia O'Reilly, Solo Darling and more! Check it out!!!

Anyways, back to this episode... was able to grab Nikki for a few minutes to talk to her about random stuff, as we always do. Our Top Five category for this week, as recommended by Shine commentator Amber Gertner, was Top Five Butts in the Shimmer/Shine family. I don't think her answers will surprise you!

But I was super glad to get a few minutes with Nikki. She's definitely one of my favorite promos. She's become a huge favorite at Shimmer and Shine because of her promos... and the fact that she's the best wrestler in the Galaxy. So that doesn't hurt, I'm sure.

I'm sure you saw us freak out about the camera a few times... well, this is what happened: Lexie Fyfe's daughter was watching us film the episode outside, so she wanted to watch. Then she proceeded to drag this huge ass chair around, I guess to get a better view?? Then, she decided it wasn't in a good enough place, and wanted to get closer. So she dragged the chair about TWO INCHES from the tri-pod where the camera was sitting. I knew FOR SURE that camera was going down.

It was pretty scary, as evidenced on my face at the time. I thought for sure I was losing that camera! I wish I had another camera pointing that way I could have edited in later.

Hopefully you enjoyed this episode as much as I did... and I apologize for crawling on the table Tawny Kitaen style. I promise, it'll never happen again. Okay, I can't promise that. If you enjoyed the episode, please feel free to share it! That's how we get the word out about independent wrestlers.

Check out Nikki on the socials... @NikkiStorm1 on the twitters. Look for Nikki Storm on Facebook. And if you get the chance to see her work, or meet her, please do so!

That'll do it for another epiblog from The Milo Beasley Show! Join us next week when we talk to comic book creator Jimmy Palmiotti, the writer of the revamped Harley Quinn book for DC comics! Thanks!

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