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Episode 42 with Teddy Long

Welcome to the Blog post for Episode number 42 featuring former WWE Smackdown General Manager, Teddy Long! This was a crazy episode with a crazy story, so hopefully I can bring the entire thing to you here...

I had just finished up interviewing Kyle Matthews for episode 41 when the Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment promoter came and grabbed me so he could introduce me to Teddy Long. We met, talked a bit, he asked what my segment was, and what type of questions I would ask.

Now, part of being the number one show of its kind means that we really don't ever have a set agenda. Simon and I (and the guests) usually just wing it. So when Teddy asked me what questions I planned on asking, I drew an absolute blank. I usually think of my questions on the fly as we are filming. But I understood this to be that Mr. Long was making sure I wasn't going to ask anything derogatory.

And of course, I literally never know what the Top 5 is going to be until it comes out of my mouth during the show.

I was told we were going to open the show, which actually comprised of three shows... Atlanta Wrestling Entertainent, Roar Wrestling (a female wrestling company), and Monster Championship Wrestling(?)...

Before we could go in the ring, the hype man for MCW was in the ring saying who-knows-what. He was all gravelly voiced, and he was just randomly saying stuff. So AWE's Josh just yells "Play Milo's Music!"

AND AWAY WE GO! Gravel-voiced Monster man stopped talking, and I crutched my way to the ring for our live edition of The Milo Beasley Show!

I knew that no one there knew me, but they were still a great audience! I was afraid of crickets, but they were very cool, and very respectful towards Teddy. They cheered after everything he said.

So I asked him a few questions about Atlanta, his career, the show that night, and the WWE Network... you'll obvioulsly have to check out the video if you haven't already. And it was really one of my favorite Top 5 topics as well.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention the best part! I was in the middle of a sentence, when Teddy Long reached over and grabbed Bearsley and put him on his lap! Teddy holding a Teddy!!!! It was pretty cool, and I even stopped mid-sentence and said "This is awesome".

So we got through the Top 5 with some audience anticipation, and I thanked Teddy as we wrapped up our live episode.

It was very, very cool, and I thank the folks at AWE for that opportunity.

And then here's where things turned... "fun"...

During my interview with Kyle Matthews, the batteries on my camera died (I shoulda learned my lesson from episode 1!). So I didn't have anything to film this second episode with.

Josh hooked me up with this dude named Donald who would film the show for me. Josh said he'd get the footage off the phone before the night was over so I could have it to put up on the site that you're reading now. No problem!

The show runs super long, everyone wants to leave, everyone wants paid, Josh gets super busy... doesn't get the footage. No problem still... I will just talk to Donald myself, and we'll figure out how to get the footage on youtube and on the page.

There were some technical issues those first couple of days. Then Donald was finally able to upload the show about Tuesday or Wednesday... but it stopped at 95%! WHY YOUTUBE? WHY!?!?!?!?! Ahhhhh! So now Donald and I are scrambling, hundreds of miles apart to figure out how to get this working. I'm starting to freak out because I put my episodes on the site on Mondays, and Monday was rapidly approaching.

So I got ahold of Simon and we did an emergency episode! We filmed a quick episode where he actually interviewed me. However, it was super loud, and I wasn't quite sure how this episode panned out.

I talked to Donald late Sunday before I started editing the emergency episode, and he said "hey, check Youtube, I tried it again"...

AND IT WAS THERE! Nothing like last minute nonsense on The Milo Beasley Show! That's what makes it the number one show of it's kind!

I did a small edit job on the video, and posted it, and now it's there for you all to enjoy!

So I hope you all enjoyed one of the coolest episodes of The Milo Beasley Show! There are some big things coming up over the Summer, so hopefully we continue to get bigger and better!

And don't forget to check out episode 43 in a few days with our guest, International wrestler Craig Classic joins Simon and I! Also... I still haven't even watched that episode of myself and Simon. So I legit have no clue if it's even going to air... maybe it'll be a bonus somewhere down the line.

Thanks for reading... and watching!!

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