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Episode 39... The Dating Game??

Welcome to the BLOG about episode 39 of The Milo Beasley Show! This episode was SUPPOSED to be based on the popular 60s-90s game show, The Dating Game! As I said... Supposed to...

I headed up to Smokey Bones in Cassleberry where my co-host Simon Sez was hosting his own show, Simon Time Trivia ( We agreed that after Trivia was done, we'd set up our show in the dating game format.

I was super excited... my trivia team of "The Richard Pills" placed third after an AMAZING third round comeback. A $10 giftcard for the homeless guy? Yes please!

So, after trivia, I started setting up the show, getting the seats ready, worked on the camera and lighting situation...

Let's also address that real quick. Yes, the lighting for this episode is the poops, I know that. I tried to brighten things up, but that really didn't help. It worked a little, but not so much. However, it would have been WAAAAAY worse. We did our best with the lighting in that place. Perhaps I should try to trade my $10 giftcard for a lighting apparatis for our shows. Or, I could just ask the general public for assistance... Hi.

Anyways, back to the show. Attempted to get the lighting passable, set up the chairs next to the curtain, and went to ask Simon if he got all the contestants. He had previously told me that he had everything lined up. He had a girl, and three dudes that were READY FOR LOVE! He said to leave everything to him.

So, when doing the set up and camera test, I asked him where everyone was. He said he had a huge surprise... and apparently, that surprise was to completely abandon the original Dating Game, and to "help" me, by giving me a lackey during my time of recovery.

So, no girl, and no dudes... just... lackeys.

Now, I know Simon, and I know his lackeys. So, NONE of them really surprised me, especially when he called them by name.

I THINK Pete won. I'm not sure. I'm not even sure if I won. I have no clue what was happening.

I DO KNOW that Simon dropped the bar on my head. And it hurt.

And I DO KNOW that Simon was looking out for me... and by completely making me go insane, knew what was best for our internet-television show. Or maybe it was a happy accident. Or not so happy.

But, this was episode number 39! WOW! Tomorrow (Friday March 6), I will be headed to Shine Wrestling in Tampa to see friends and tape milestone episode 40! And I hope to get in episodes 41, 42, and maybe 43 while I am there as well... fingers crossed! And by those numbers, it's dawning on my that we are just a few episodes away from Episode 52 and our ONE YEAR anniversary of The Milo Beasley Show.

As we get closer to that date, I will be adding blogs for our past 35 episodes, and hope to bring more entertainment and insight to each of these episodes.

It also means I have to renew my domain name! So please, no one steal

Don't forget, check us out on the social medias!

Twitter & Instagram @thewrestlingbum

Check Simon out @emerald_emperor (I think I spelled that right)

And please, give us some feedback on what you'd like to see on future shows!

I hope you enjoyed Episode 39!!!!


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