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Episode XXXX - SoCal Val & Andrea

Welcome to episide FORTY of The Milo Beasley Show! Or rather... the BLOG for episode 40 of the Milo Beasley Show! My guests this week are friends of mine from waaaaay back... SoCal Val and Andrea! I think the e in Andrea has a little line over it. But I don't know how to do that on a computer. So it's pronounced Ahn-Dre-uh. Got it? Awesome, now we can proceed.

I've known Val since she was 16, when she first moved to Florida from... well, Southern California (see, it isn't just a fancy name she came up with). And since then, we've been travel buddies all over Florida.

And one time, being the amazing manager that I am, I managed Andrea when she was known as Betsy Ruth on a show in Pinellas Park. We, uh, lost that match... but that's not important. What's important is that AFTER that, she went on to be signed by TNA Wrestling. It's what happens.

Anyways, last Friday night, I was hanging out at Shine Wrestling, like I do every month, supporting some of my good friends, and ran into Val and Andrea outside, and stopped them for a quick interview.

Okay, I lie. This is how it went down. I asked them to do the show two months ago, they said okay, but next month. Last month, I couldn't track them down. So, I finally tracked down Val before this show. She said "Sure thing, buddy, right after our match."

Then, for 45 minutes after their match, Val went "looking for water". But alas, she made her way back outside, where I pounced her like a cat on a jingle ball. Or I said "Hey, we gonna do this?" To which she looked at me and said "Who are you?"


Some of you may be wondering why Andrea was holding me up, as we touched on it a bit. I had my crutches, but I was too proud to stand on them in the video, so I was always near moments from falling over. So, thanks to the strength of Andrea, I never fell over.

And as mentioned, this was episode FORTY.... XXX-X. Can you believe it? There are some of you that have watched every episode. Seriously, what are you thinking? But thank you very much!

I was glad to finally get Val and Andrea on the show, after we've talked about it for so long. We probably could have gone on for an hour, as these ladies are hilarious outside the ring, and often inside he ring, if you've heard one of Val's promos.

I decided to put the ladies on the spot with one of my TOUGHEST Top Fives yet!

If you are reading this, and haven't watched it yet, you confuse me... but spoilers; Top Five Butts in wresting.

Did you see the way Val tried to get out of answering? But like a champ, she answered. Do you agree or disagree with her answers? Sadly, I was not in her Top 5. Such a travesty.

I hope you all enjoyed the episode. I really enjoyed filming it. I am pretty sure you will get to see these lovely ladies on The Milo Beasley Show again in the future!

This Friday I will be traveling to Atlanta for Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment, and will be back in Orlando for Vintage Wrestling on Saturday night. I will be filming future episodes of TMBS and already have some great guests lined up. So stay tuned... and we are only 3 months away from our HUGE ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! Like... Whoa!

Thanks for watching!

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