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Episode 44 with Jonny Vandal

Welcome to The Milo Beasley Show blog featuring episode 44 with our guest Jonny Vandal!

This week we were able to sit down with the Florida standout as we discussed Japan, WWE network, amongst other things.

I've known Jonny since he was 16. I actually wrestled him in one of his first matches, and I was probably his first BIG match. We fought a lot down in Ft. Lauderdale/Davie for Future of Wrestling, until he started coming up to Tampa to work for Ron Niemi's IPW-Hardcore promotion, which was my home promotion.

One of the biggest matches of my career actually featured a young Jonny Vandal, as we wrestled a 3 way match along with J-Dawg for the FOW Light Heavyweight title in front of over 3,000 paying fans. It was quite amazing. I won, by the way.

But since Jonny isn't a mainstay in the Central Florida market, I definitely wanted to get him on the show. He was mentioned by Craig Classic in episode 43, and I knew I immediately needed to grab Jonny for the show. So, after we rapped up 43, I grabbed Jonny and sat down with him.

I love my show in the fact that everyone is completely candid. It's not super gimmicky, and people can just be themselves. Hopefully you all like that as well, you get to see a different side of some of your favorite stars. I personally think that's cool. Hopefully you agree.

Anyways, back to the interview. It was cool to see Jonny admit he watches the WWE Network on a regular basis, especially since he's actually been featured on the Network for some NXT matches.

And as Jonny mentioned, he has been all over the world, spending 3 months in the toughest dojo in the world, the Zero1 dojo. Jonny is in great shape, and I am sure that this training pushed him to the limit.

This night he was scheduled to take on Simon Sez for the Vintage Heavyweight title, but due to a surprise entrant, the match was turned into a 3 way with International Superstar, Chris Hero! I would still like to see Jonny and Sez go one-on-one... but I'd also really like to see Jonny and Hero have a match as well. Maybe down the road??

Honestly, it's amazing to see where this kid as come from 2001ish. Started as this small skinny kid... and he's developed into this jacked beast traveling the world. I'm super proud of him.

Check out his episode if you haven't already. Follow in him on the Facebook. And check this dude out if you have a chance!

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