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Episode 43 with Craig Classic

Welcome to the BLOG for The Milo Beasley Show episode 43 featuring our guest, Craig Classic!

This week Simon and I return to "action" together after going solo for episode 42. This week, we bring a new look to The Milo Beasley Show with an addition of THE GREEN SCREEN!!!!! Man, the things people will throw away. Their loss is our gain here at TMBS!

Again, this week Craig Classic joins us, coming straight from his home in Japan to join us here at Vintage Wrestling ( Craig was to fight Mike Cruz this night (Spoiler, Mike Cruz won) in what was the Match of the Night. Simon, meanwhile was preparing for his match with Johnny Vandal, which actually turned into a 3way with Chris Hero.

Not, not that type of 3way. That's gross.

I first met Craig several years ago, when I was still wrestling as Naphtali. I had started to do Milo Beasley at FIP, but I was still wresting full time as Naphtali. We ended up teaming at AWF in Dover, Florida. He had just come back to Florida after training and wrestling in Japan.

Craig was actually known at the time as Dragon Warrior. I honestly don't remember who we wrestled at the time, but we came to the ring with Japanese flags, hailing from Tokyo, Japan... as two white guys. I was still holding onto the fact I had wrestled for Big Japan Pro Wrestling a few years earlier. Craig had actually trained at the Big Japan Dojo.

Anyways, long story short, we are undefeated as a team.

With a record of 1-0.

So back to the episode... Simon and I grabbed Craig, and brought him to the new Milo Beasley Show Studio! Which was basically a back room that I put the green screen in.

Kind of a weird sound, though. There was an echo in the room, which I hope is still passable to listen to. And it was still loud there, as folks were working out and stretching in the ring prior to the doors opening. The loud bumps being heard in the background was the Vintage office running one of the rooks through some drills.

In all honesty, one of the knocks on Craig Classic over the years is that while he may be a great technician in the ring, his personality isn't on par with other wrestlers. However, I think he did a great job during the interview showing some personality.

However, I do want to say... how do you live in Japan THREE years and barely know 5 words?? C'mon Craig!!! At least Simon knew what sayonara and konnichiwa meant "I am a professional wrestler."

WAIT.... that's not right!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed episode 43 of The Milo Beasley Show! Here's where I usually drop all of the social media platforms for the guests featured on the show, but as you may have seen, Craig lives under a Japanese Rock.

So I'll just add, tune in next week when we feature Johnny Vandal on episode 44 of The Milo Beasley Show! Thanks for reading... and watching!!

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