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Episode 41 - Kyle Matthews

Welcome to Episode 41 of The Milo Beasley Show... Blog.

Our guest this weekis Georgia wrestling standout, Kyle Matthews. Being that sometimes I film my shows at other locations and shows, I was happy to have Simon with me again this week, as we headed up to Atlanta along with other members of "Show in a Box" to Atlanta Wrestling Entertainment.

As mentioned in the video, I first met Kyle at the Zero1 dojo in Japan, where we were roommates for 29 Days. Although I had never met him, I had heard great things about him already, so I was excited to see him work.

Now, if you listen closely, when I mention Japan, you can hear a voice in the background saying "Here we go....". That was Francisco Ciatso. He's a dick. A king dick.

He thought I was going to go on a tangent putting myself over for Japan. But wrong, SUCKA! I truly wanted to get Kyle's views of our training out there, since "aggressive" training is being scrutinized right now.

I loved my training at Zero1. It was legit the toughest thing I have ever done. Same for the gentlemen that went with me. But at no point did I feel I was "bullied". I felt I was tested. And that's what these guys are supposed to do. Not everyone is supposed to be a professional wrestler. Although, you wouldn't know it these days.

Anyways, I digress. By the way, the time it took to get to that first question was RIDICULOUSLY LONG! Simon wasn't exhaugerating at all when he said he was up for 20 hours, and on 8 Monsters. Keep in mind, this was being filmed at like 7pm... and we didn't LEAVE the venue til 12:30am.

The venue we wrestled at was called "The Masquarade." It was actually a concert venue as well. A lot of punk and rock shows happen in this venue.... and apparently, the thing to do is to write your bands name on the wall... hence Simon's Top 5.

I was actually really happy to be on a show with Kyle again. The last time we were on a show together, we underwear fought. He beat me. Sonofabitch. Regardless, I was glad to be back on a show with him, and glad he was able to sit down and talk with us, albeit briefly. I would be more than happy to sit back down with Kyle on a future show and dive more into what got him into wrestling, and perhaps a little Braves talk... and his thoughts on why Dany Only always breaks himself.

Hopefully you folks enjoyed the episode, and maybe it introduced you to the talent that is Kyle Matthews. Check out his match with WWE superstar Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson at the time) if you can. I think you'll be a new fan of this great athlete.

If you read the blog before you checked out the video... check it out here:

Thanks for watching! And tune in to episode 42 where we (HOPEFULLY) have our interview with Teddy Long updated!!!

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