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Episode 46 featuring Leva Bates

HELLOOOOOO! And welcome to the Episode 46 blog post... This week we welcomed back a former guest, a great friend, Leva Bates!

Leva is a return guest from Episode 5 (the Empire Strikes Back??) where she appeared with Amber Gertner! What a fun episode that was!

But since I didn't do blogs about the episodes that long ago, I'll go ahead and give some backstory on myself and Leva's history.

I first met Leva in 200something... saw, 5? 6? I dunno. CM Punk was around. And before you are like "hey, pick up that name", it's actually relevant here. Leva came to FIP to see Punk in person. So that's where I ended up meeting Leva for the first time. Oh, and she had blonde hair. Seriously! I swear!

Anyways, fast forward a little bit, Leva started training locally in Orlando with Devon and AJ Gallant. She actually managed me at a USA Pro/PWX Frank Goodman extravaganza. From there, she left me in the dust, haha.

From there, she traveled to FIP with me, even when she wasn't booked, made connections, etc. And then it came full circle... Leva joined me as a part of the Age of the Fall stable in FIP, helping manage Jimmy Jacobs and current WWE World Champion Tyler Black (Seth Rollins). So we had gone from her coming to FIP to watch, to her performing and even teaming with Rain at FIP. (This is where the Blog picture comes from, by the way)

From there, she was able to talk to Dave Prazak who I worked with at FIP as well, and begun working for Shimmer. She started off in the Sparkle pre-show matches, to finally making her way to the main roster, and even main eventing! WHOA!

So, now... onto the episode, which actually has a lot of explaining to do...

We started out in a tree house, just outside the Slam Shack while filming customs. Frankie Gastaneau (sp?) was filming the episode. We started talking about ghosts, and aliens, and Yeti's, and Loch Ness monster and such. Leva started talking about how the song, Sea of Love suddenly came on her ipod one day, after she had been listening to it the day before. It was getting all spooky, and then.... the camera cut off.

WHAT IN THE F*CK? Freaky, right?

Also, please take a look at episode 10, where we were actually filming AT Leva's place, and the camera kept cutting off. Very spooky.

Anyways, I attributed the stoppage to low batteries. However, Frankie said there was no battery warning, and it just cut off. So, whatever..... changed the batteries, and started filming again. Frankie had to leave to go ref a match, so I just propped the camera up on the ledge, and hoped for the best.

But when I got back to the shelter to edit the two parts, I noticed that Part 1 was completely gone!

So I immediately went into freak out mode. What was I going to do? It was going so good? Is this where I finally freak out and quit making the shows? No, Milo, get it together! BUT THE EPISODE WAS SO GOOD? Wait, what did we talk about? Did I do the Top 5? Was that in part 2? Wait, was it? OMG!!!!

Ok, breathe....

I sent Leva a message, explained what happened, and we decided to get together and reshoot part 1.

We ended up reshooting at Junior Columbian Burger, a favorite hangout of Leva & Company. We didn't really replicate the first part of the episode... we kinda talked about the "Something out there" theories, but I wanted to make sure the camera didn't cut off, so I didn't stick on the subject for that long.

So, got that done, and combined it w/ part 2... WHICH HAD THE TOP 5! Yay! We didn't lose that. Also... do you know how awkward it is to say the word "Dilf" in public?

What did you think of Leva's Top 5? Do you know any other hot dads? Wait, what am I saying?

Anyways, we hope you enjoyed watching our first "two-parter" of The Milo Beasley Show. It's probably the longest of all the episodes, coming in at around 22 minutes. But, Leva and I could probably sit and talk for 2 hours, so be thankful that didn't happen!

Check Leva out on all the social medias,,, for the most part, you can find her @wrestlingleva on the Twits and Instagrams, and whatever else.

And bring your babies to Shine on May 15th and get a picture with Leva. I promise she won't put your baby through a table!

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