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Episode 37 - Leo Gold

Welcome to Episode 37 of the Milo Beasley Show... Blog.

Going to start doing a blog as part of each episode. Might go back and do one for each of the other episodes, but that's 36 blogs you'd have to read. So if you're up for it, I am as well.

But we'll start with the present.

I first heard of Leo Gold a couple years back from a good friend, Bruce Santee. Bruce said this guy had a great look, a great gimmick, listened, and was good. Fast forward a couple months later, and Leo was at Vintage. He came early and helped set up and tear down the ring... for a show he wasn't even booked for... 2 hours from home.

I've been in the ring with Leo Gold twice... once for BRAWL, where I defended my Vintage Heavyweight title (successfully), and the second was in the WarGames cage match where my team was victorious over Leo Gold's team of Don Maximo, Biff Slater, Leo, Deathrow Jethrow and Mike Cruz.

While I may be using my old man tricks to get victories over the youngster, I forsee very bright things for this kid's future.

Leo is definitely a rising star in the state of Florida. He is a guy who, despite being on the opposite side of the ring a few times, I wanted to sit down for an interview for The Milo Beasley Show. Luckily, I was able to grab him for a few minutes before Vintage Wrestling's big WrestleBrawl event in downtown Orlando.

I thought the show went very well. Leo is very easy to work with, as he likes to talk about how great he is. So as long as you keep it on that subject, the interview is bound to go well.

I do a lot of my shows standing next to dumpsters, as that's usually my locker room for the night, depending where we are. However, for this episode, I found a quaint little bench behind a restaraunt that I am sure is used for smoke breaks from the deliquents that work there. It was quite cozy sharing a make shift bench made of cinder blocks and wood.

However, I felt I should have reminded him of our in-ring record, as well as our Words with Friends record. I'm pretty good, just to let ya know. I've learned a lot of words in my 87 years on this Earth.

In closing, keep an eye on this dude. He's a product of both the FCW (WWE) school as well as the Dudley's wrestling school. This guy is hungry, and will be a top star in Florida for years to come.

Till next time... can I get a dollar?

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